In the UK we receive little emotional education, unless we receive it from our family. I have the belief that there is a need to introduce some sort of emotional, psychological education into the school system in order to help people lead fulfilling lives, be able to have happy relationships, to understand childcare better and generally just to be happier people. We are no where near that position in this country so I thought I would produce this free website with educational articles on it. I have made the first 30 articles to work in order from easy to hard, with each article building on the previous ones. It assumes little or no knowledge at the start, and works from that position. Just click on the articles and read them at your own leisure....enjoy!

The last ten articles (31-40) are chapters  from my book 'Counselling Made Human'. This was made with counselling students in mind, what I have tried to do here is the give a lead in with thirty articles that mean you can start from a position of no knowledge.



1. Counselling made simple, human

11. Its about being honest

21. The power of groups

31. A brief, history and overview of counselling

2. A challenge to your perception

12. What Carl Rogers says about being honest with ourselves

22. Groups and Society how they effect our lives

32. Psychodynamics explained

3. An overview of counselling psychology

13. There are many things psychologists agree on

23. Powerful ideas from the psychology

33. Humanism explained

4. What is love

14. Dynamics explained

24. More good ideas from psychology

34. Cognitive behaviourism explained

5. Childhood and its effects

15. How childhood can effect adult intimate relationships

25. All that is not talked about is destined to be repeated

35. Gestalt Counselling explained

6. Attachment and love

16. Behaviourism and learning

26. Attachment theory

36. Transactional Analysis explained

7. Carl Rogers's work

17. What you must learn in childhood

27. Attachment and healing!

37. Group theory explained

8. Responsibility, awareness versus the need to blame

18. How closeness and distance in relationships may be blue-printed

28. Attachment and dynamics

38. The Social model explained

9. A turn round in your thinking

19. Learning and how to help it

29. What you see when it all goes wrong: emotional uneducation!

39. Counselling in action: grief, addiction etc

10. You need experience to learn

20. Knowing the basics of psychology can make a difference

30. There is no substitute for experience

40. To end with....

If you have any questions please email me at  If you want to read the book in full click here counsellingmadehuman

 Hope you have learned something, all the best, Will Murphy